Windows 10 build 14931 delayed for Mobile, here’s why

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Microsoft just released the new Windows 10 build 14931, but only for PCs. The company intentionally delayed the build release for Windows 10 Mobile because of serious issues from the previous build that still haven’t been solved.

Previously, a large number of users reported SIM card and PIN issues in the previous build. After, Microsoft acknowledged these issues and concluded they’re too serious even for Fast Ring releases. In the end, it decided not to release build 14931 to Mobile yet.

“We are continuing to investigate two issues that came up with last week’s flight of Build 14926 for Mobile. After upgrading to Build 14926, some Insiders reported that the pin pad is no longer visible to unlock their phone even after rebooting the phone and some phones lost the ability to use their SIM card. In both cases, a hard reset of resolves the issue. Based on the feedback we received from Insiders, we have decided not to release a new Mobile build this week until we get fixes for these two issues.”

Issues are perfectly normal in every Windows 10 build. However, we don’t remember an issue so serious that it forced Microsoft to postpone the build release outright. We hope that Donna Sarkar’s Insider team won’t have too many problems dealing with these issues and hope to see the Mobile build released in the next few days.

In the meantime, you can download the same build for your PC if you’re a Windows Insider and test out its new features and improvements. Use the comment section below to tell us more about your experience using build 14931!



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