Round-up: Windows 10 Mobile build 15031 reported issues

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Microsoft recently rolled out build 15031 on PC and Mobile, bringing a series of new interesting features and bug fixes. PC Insiders actually have a long list of new features to test out while Mobile users will be mainly testing bug fixes.

Windows 10 Mobile build 15031 focuses on making the OS more stable and reliable. However, Insiders have also encountered a series of issues that Microsoft didn’t mention on the list of known bugs.

Windows 10 Mobile build 15031 bugs

1. Bluetooth Settings page is broken

No, the Bluetooth settings page is broken in this build, same as on PC. Pre-paired devices are another story.

2. Lumia 950 XL lags

Quality dies after the phone thinks about something and it’s so annoying. […]

Yeah, and you’d think that a 950XL, literally being the second fastest Windows 10 Mobile device that exists (behind the HP Elite x3), would be the least likely to have these issues.

3. Front facing camera doesn’t work

So, I don’t see a front facing camera issue listed as a known issue or a fix, yet I’ve searched the feedback hub and found it listed(and have upvoted it). I’m on a 950xl, is anyone on this subredit having similar problems on their phone on fast ring?

4. Flashlight won’t work

Flashlight is still broken. On the previous 2 or 3 builds it turned off when the screen did making it useless. Now it flashes on for a second then turns off. Anyone else getting this behaviour. This is from the quick action button.

5. Maps rotation issues

[Maps] Rotates fine for me, although not very smoothly. There is a one or two second of dark screen when going from portrait to landscape as the map is redrawn.

Many Insiders have also criticized Microsoft for not developing Mobile as fast as PC. They had expected to see a series of new features hitting Mobile but only got a fixed ninja cat emoji and new share icon.

Have you encountered any other Windows 10 Mobile bugs apart from the ones listed above?

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