Windows 10 Mobile was noticeably absent from Build 2016

by Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
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One thing was painfully obvious at Build 2016: no one at Microsoft wants to talk about the Windows 10 Mobile platform. For the majority of the conference, the Windows 10 Mobile platform was barely touched on, leaving many to wonder if it was indeed the end of the platform.

For those who watched the conference, it’s clear that Microsoft touched on several things having to do with mobile. It was no doubt a strong showing, just not a strong showing for the company’s own mobile ambitions. There were quite a few times Microsoft talked about Android and iOS — there were even Android and iOS devices onstage. During the Xamarin presentation, a presenter made it clear that the platform is going the free route, saying “We don’t care if it’s Android or iOS, we have you covered.”

Well, that’s all good, but what about Windows 10 Mobile? You know, the platform that was talked about quite a lot at Build 2015, but almost completely abandoned at this year’s event? Things were so bad at Build 2016 that while several partners showed the audience demos of what they are working on in the mobile segment, those demos were on iOS devices. In fact, we can’t remember ever seeing a Windows 10 Mobile handset onstage at any given time.

In short, we could be witnessing the end of Windows 10 Mobile and Microsoft’s own mobile ambitions. The company did say the platform would not be a focus at this year’s Build, which is strange. If it was just as important when compared to everything else, Microsoft would have found time for it. It is becoming very clear that we might have to jump ship to another mobile platform because Windows 10 Mobile is showing strong signs of being nothing more but a dead duck.

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