Windows 10 Mobile cumulative update fixes some known issues, and improves overall performance

by Ivan Jenic
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Besides releasing cumulative updates for the Windows 10 version 1511, and the RTM version, Microsoft also released a cumulative update for Windows 10 Mobile devices, as a part of June’s Patch Tuesday.

It’s important to mention that the update is specifically aimed for the 10586 version of Windows 10 Mobile, and not for Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview builds. Just like all cumulative updates, this one doesn’t bring any new features to the system, but instead focuses on improving the overall performance, and fixing some known issues. The update also changes the system version to 10586.420.

Here’s what the latest cumulative update for Windows 10 Mobile fixed:

  • “Reliability, performance and stability improvements.
  • Improvements to Cortana, including a fix for a problem that sometimes resulted in a crash when performing a search, and corrections to inaccurate times after Daylight Savings Time (DST) on meeting cards and reminders.
  • Fix for a problem that could result in unexpected battery drain while syncing mail using IMAP.
  • Improvements to the Maps app, including better stability, improved accuracy, and reduced latency with driving directions.
  • Improved reliability of syncing text messages from the phone to the cloud.
  • Reduced amount of time it takes some phones to completely power off after “Goodbye” disappears.
  • Fix for a problem that caused some phones unable to re-add a primary Microsoft account without resetting after upgrading from Windows Phone 8.1.
  • Fix for a problem that caused some phones unable to install keyboard and languages without resetting after upgrading from Windows Phone 8.1.
  • Reduced the number of days a phone can go without restarting to receive an update from 14 days to 7 days.
  • Fix for a problem that caused the phone to stop ringing from an incoming call, if interrupted by an SMS.
  • Fix for a problem that caused Project My Screen to stop working on some phones.”

Cumulative updates for Windows 10 Mobile work the same way as cumulative updates for PC. Which means, that the latest cumulative update includes all previously released improvements and fixes, so if you missed some of the previous cumulative updates, you’re going to get everything in this release.

To install this cumulative update, just go to Settings > Update & security > Phone Update, and check for updates.


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