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Windows 10 Mobile is still an operating system being developed on by Microsoft. In its current form, it is not ready for prime time, but that doesn’t matter much apparently as it’s been seeing increased usage over the past couple of months.

The latest information came by way of the most recent AdDuplex statistics about the Windows 10 Mobile platform. We know that despite the failures of Windows on mobile devices, the AdDuplex platform has been a stern supporter, one of the reasons why it can deliver these statistics.

The statistics are linked to the May 2016 report that offers some important insight into Windows on mobile performance around the world. The data collected came from around 5,000 devices, with the US, France, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, India and Brazil all featured countries.

When it comes to devices, the Lumia 640 is slowly rising to the top. The handset sits in the number four spot in terms of Windows-related smartphones. It is number one in the U.S., Ukraine, and Poland, so there might be some hope for Windows on the small screen yet.

Unfortunately, the device did not make the top ten in the Indian market. However, the Lumia 640XL came in at number six, proving time and time again that Indians prefer smartphones with large screens.

When it comes down to the operating system, we get to see a healthy adoption of Windows 10 Mobile. Folks are actually upgrading on a large scale, and as it stands right now, only 14.4% of the Windows 10 Mobile users are from the Insider Preview pool.

When it comes down to the amount of folks who have updated to Windows 10 Mobile, that percentage sits at 77.18%, while the next 22.82% are of those who purchased a smartphone with Windows 10 Mobile installed.

There’s a good chance Microsoft may kill Windows 10 Mobile due to falling market share, but there’s an also equally good chance for the company to kick things off again a new with the rumored Surface Phone.



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