Windows 10 builds: Here’s the features you’ll test in the coming months

by Madalina Dinita
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Microsoft’s Insider Program exists because of a dedicated group of Windows 10 users who donate their time and expertise to testing the latest OS versions.

Insiders test unpolished Windows versions in order to detect potential issues and help Microsoft improve its final iteration.

User feedback is the engine behind the Insider Program. Actually, that’s the whole purpose of this program. Microsoft uses Insider suggestions to improve the next Windows 10 version by squashing bugs Insiders detect and adding features they request.

The Redmond giant recently launched the 2017 Windows Insider Global Survey, offering Insiders the chance to list their improvement ideas. As you all know, Microsoft is very open to suggestions and puts many Insider recommendations into practice.

In this article, we’re going to list the features that have the highest chance of being added in the upcoming Windows 10 Creators Update builds, based on their popularity and utility.

New Windows 10 features you’ll be testing in the coming months

Here’s what features Insiders suggest that Microsoft should add in the upcoming builds:

  1. Make Windows Phone able to open double tab of a single app so we can do two works in single app.
  2. Leaving the insider program is so difficult. It should be automatic after a few clicks.
  3. A novel idea would also be to have hovering tiles on start page that bring the apps with notifications at the beginning i stead of scrolling through to see then after a few swpies(email me if you need clarification).
  4. I’d love Cortana to be able to read or take messages. It will be so much help. Or to have Cortana, notify me that I have mail. Or say hello when I login or goodnight when I logout.
  5. We are having good personalisatin in our windows and it will be good looking if we have our taskbar coming out from right down corner or left down corner it will look awesome.
  6. I think the Windows sounds have been a little outdated. They are not futuristic anymore. This is why many people turn off the system sounds. I would love it if Windows comes up with amazing new sounds for opening a browser, receiving an email, pairing with a device or even turning on the keyboard backlight.
  7. Please make a service for Windows 10 insider program for automatically take screen shot from blue screen and fatal errors for insiders.
  8. I need to see the size of updates so that I can choose whether or not I have the data available to install them.

There are also other suggestions, such as bringing back the radio app, but these ideas have rather slim chances of being implemented.

What other features would you like to test out in upcoming Windows 10 builds?


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