Early Adopters Grumble: ‘Windows 10 is Not for Tablets’

By: Radu Tyrsina
3 minute read

A few days back we were discussing about various problems encountered by Surface Pro 3 owners, and now we’re hearing that more tablet owners are allegedly being dissatisfied with the current Windows 10 build. Let’s have a look at what they’re saying.
windows 10 not for tablets
Since the latest Windows 10 build has been released, many have started complaining about various problems that they have encountered. This, of course, is something natural, because we’re talking about an early build. But there have been users claiming that Microsoft has given too much attention to desktop users, leaving tablet owners in disadvantage.

Here’s what he said, complaining about three major features:

Full screen mode

Please give me an option to have all apps in full screen mode! On an 8’’ device I really don’t want to see the taskbar the whole time. Yes there is a full screen button, but if you switch apps, they are in window mode all over again. I really need an option to make the “full screen” permanent, at least in tablet mode!


Let me customize it! While the recently used app list, might be useful to some people I don’t like it and I don’t want it. Give me an option to disabled it. Also reintroduce the “swipe up” gesture to see all apps on the whole screen. It’s very cramped in the small list and it’s not a good overview. It’s perfect for Windows 7 users, not for Windows 8 user.


Bring back the charmsbar. This is crucial to me. The charmsbar is about muscle memory. When I want to go to the startscreen, I always relay on the startbutton in the charmsbar. Now it’s gone. Now I have to put the tablet down to reach the physical button. This was a very bad decision. I also don’t like the idea that I have to open the settings app just to connect to a Wi-Fi network, or dim the screen etc. It was very handy to have it right there, to use it all the time.

It seems that he isn’t the only one protesting against this, here’s another opinion:

All they need to do is reintroduce the option to choose for the start screen instead of the start menu. They offered this choice as recent as build 9901. the tablet mode does seem to offer apps in full screen, but the taskbar is still there, which doesn’t make much sense on a tablet, as it reduces the screen real estate.

You could auto hide it in settings, but this would mean search on the start menu doesn’t work at all. The complete removal of charms (even in tablet mode) is indeed a serious regression. All that is good from Windows 8 is being removed. Charms, start screen, full screen experience, and the app switching experience. Microsoft could please the Windows 7 crowd without offending the Windows 8 crowd,

especially those on tablets, as without a doubt the way they are going will mean people on tablets running Windows 8 cannot upgrade to 10 as they would loose vital functionality. No way this build will get even close to my tablet, and since they now removed the optional start screen completely, I have little doubt my tablet is ever going to see Windows 10 as the current start menu is unusable on a tablet.
Why does Microsoft remove perfectly functional code and why don’t they introduce features for desktops whilst at the same time retain vital functions for people that specifically set tablet mode.

In tablet mode, charms should be there, the taskbar should be gone, the startscreen should be there. In non tablet mode, people should still be able to choose the start screen over the start menu. I don’t want this start menu as it is much worse than the start screen and is also worse than the old startmenu prior to Windows 8.

Have you got the chance to test Windows 10 for yourself on your tablet? And if so, what is your take on this? Do you think there should be more tinkering in the background before it gets release, or it’s pretty alright as it is right now for tablet or hybrid users?

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