Windows 10 OneNote gets more space and faster note recovery

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Users of Microsoft’s popular OneNote app have another reason to be joyful as the app received another important update recently. While the update has yet to reach the live version of the operating system, those that have access to Microsoft’s Windows Insider Fast Ring for Windows 10 are free to go try out the new features right now. Before every Windows user can benefit from the new additions, though, more debugging must be done so a clean experience is delivered.

More space means more note content

People can always go for a larger workspace and Microsoft took this into consideration as UI elements such as ribbons and even context menus have “slimmed up” the app’s appearance so that users have a bigger canvas for their actual notes. Every little bit counts, so no one is complaining about this tweak.

Math is an active part of OneNote

Those that engage in less common activities on OneNote, such as math graphs, will also benefit from a new implementation which will allow them to create graphs through math right from the app. Not everyone is going to appreciate the complexity of this new feature, but those that have a knack for math certainly might.

Recover notes faster than it took to delete them

Deleting a note by accident won’t be a tragedy anymore as OneNote will now allow users to recover deleted notes. This seems like the kind of feature that should have been implemented from day one, but the good thing is that it’s here now, serving clumsy or tired users that mistakenly do away with precious notes.

Drag and drop segments to suit specific purposes

New drag and drop capabilities allow users to quickly move and segment different parts of a note into different areas or different notebooks completely. This makes for a lot of saved time and can prove beneficial in the long run as well as in everyday tasks.

OneNote has been a staple app for Microsoft’s  recent iterations of Windows and seems like it will continue to serve in this capacity thanks to its upcoming updates as well as any future ones.



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