Windows 10 Overtakes Windows XP and Windows 8.1 in OS Market Share

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Windows XP has been the most popular operating system for PCs for years. But since Microsoft released the new versions of Windows, and stopped to support Windows XP, these new versions of the OS took over XP’s place as the most installed PC operating system in the world.

The latest NetMarketShare’s report for the month of January shows that Windows 7 is still the most used operating system in the world, but Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 10 came in second, for the first time ever.

With 11.85% of the market share, Windows 10 finally overtook Windows XP and Windows 8.1 in terms of desktop usage of the OS; As XP now has 11.42% of the market share, while Windows 8.1 has only 10.4%. However, as we said, Windows 7 is still far ahead of all operating systems, as it was installed on 52.47% of desktops in January.

windows 10 market share january

Microsoft Aims to Bring Windows 10 on All Computers

Although Windows 7 is still on top, its score dropped drastically compared to December (from 55.68% to 52.47%), which points out to the fact that the usage of Windows 10 is on the rise. If you remember, Microsoft have said that Windows 10 is now installed on more than 200 million devices, and if Microsoft’s latest operating system keeps this pace, we should expect it to be installed on even more devices soon.

This isn’t surprising at all, as we all know how aggressive Microsoft is when it comes to convincing Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users to upgrade to Windows 10. And although a lot of people disagree with Microsoft’s strategy, these reports show that it’s actually effective.

Microsoft recently stopped to support Windows 8.1, as well, which should also have a positive impact on the migration to Windows 10.

What do you think of Windows 10’s chances to become the most popular OS in the world? Will it claim the top spot by the end of the year? Tell us your opinion in the comments.


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