Windows 10 is befriending PC gamers slowly leaving Windows 7 behind

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Those familiar with the popular gaming hub and library service Steam might know that it organizes hardware report surveys for its users. These surveys are then released and offer valuable insight for developers regarding the various choices gamers make in terms of what they are playing.

Survey says

The most recent survey results are out for the month of June and holds some rather interesting information, the most interesting of which being that Windows 10 has officially become the most used version of Windows  among Steam users. The news is hardly a surprise. The runner-up — the legendary Windows 7 — has, in turn, lost a percentile in how many players still use it.

When it comes down to numbers

For those that are interested in raw numbers, Windows 10 is currently the most popular version of Windows with a total user share on Steam of 51.23%. That’s the highest Windows 10 has ever gotten, although it’s just 0.03% more than what it had in April. Even so, if its numbers are going up, it’s relatively less important by how much.

On the other side of the spectrum, Windows 7 has seen a decline of 0.61%, which brings it to a total of 36.14% user share on Steam. This decline is predicted to continue even further due to the fact that the once universally praised operating system has lost its support from Microsoft.

Support ran out

When it comes to newer versions of its operating systems, Microsoft offers them mainstream support followed by an extended support period. The latter has been cut from Windows 7, encouraging more people to give the newer Windows 10 a try. This resulted in many people feeling forced to abandon their once favorite platform in favor of Windows 10 which benefits from the company’s full support.

It is expected that Windows 10 will continue to rise and eventually become the only OS worth mentioning on Steam. There is still a bit of road ahead before that happens however as there are still many loyal users that have stuck with Windows 7. As newer games come out however, they will eventually lack support for Windows 7, making it a stronger necessity for users to switch to Windows 10.



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