A quarter of the world’s computers run Windows 10, Microsoft grins

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Windows 10 is gaining more and more popularity among users despite Microsoft’s free upgrade offer no longer being available, at least officially. According to the latest NetMarketShare figures, Windows 10 is now running on 25.3% of the world’s computers.

As a quick reminder, Windows 10 had a market share of 24.36% in December, which means it has gained almost a full point month over month.

Windows 7 remains the most popular OS with a strong 47.2% market share. As expected, Windows XP takes third place with a total market share of 9.17%. Interestingly enough, back in December, Windows XP had a 9.07% market share. As we explained in a previous article, Netmarketshare’s figures are impacted by two elements: adblockers and users who don’t visit the websites it monitors.

In other words, the ups and downs could simply reflect the fluctuation in adblocker use as well as more users visiting the websites monitored by NetMarketShare, implying that there could be no Windows XP market share growth at all.

Windows 10 to beat Windows 7 this year?

Windows 7 remains far from disappointing users. The OS is reliable, user-friendly and respects their privacy. Actually, it’s not at all surprising that Microsoft is having difficulties convincing users to upgrade to its latest OS.

However, trends now indicates an upward trajectory for Windows 10. Partly, this can be explained by the fact that Windows users can still upgrade to Windows 10 for free. As we already reported, all you need to do is download Windows 10’s upgrade assistant on your Windows 7 computer and follow the on-screen instructions. In a few minutes, Windows 10 will be running on your machine.

Second, the upcoming Creators Update will boost the popularity of Windows 10. The new features will convince many Windows XP and Windows 7 users to switch camps.

Are you running Windows XP or 7 on your computer? Are you planning to upgrade to Windows 10 anytime soon?



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