Windows 10 PCs to be Available in Retail Stores on Launch Day

by Ivan Jenic
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There was a big fuss over the last couple of days about Microsoft’s releasing of Windows 10 to manufacturers and retail availability of Windows 10-powered PCs. Majority of websites wrote that Windows 10 PCs won’t be ready from day one, but Microsoft denied that rumor today.
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Microsoft has told Bloomberg that some PCs with the pre-installed version of Windows 10 will be available in stores on the day of the OS’s release, July 29th. As Microsoft stated in an e-mail message, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo and Acer will all have computers with Windows 10 ready in stores on the day of Windows 10 release.

A misunderstanding about the availability of PCs with integrated Windows 10 occurred because of the fact that Microsoft is late with releasing Windows 10 to manufacturers, as it is believed that company will deliver the system to computer makers on Wednesday. Because of that, people simply believe that manufacturers won’t have enough time to test and integrate it with hardware until the final release. Additionally, Microsoft Vice president of Windows and device marketing, Yusuf Mehdi told Bloomberg that Windows 10 computers will be available “very soon after” July 29th, but not on the day.

But as we said, Microsoft corrected this by saying that Mehdi was mistaken and that there will be Windows 10 computers on the release day of the system.

But even though there are users interested in buying PCs with pre-installed Windows 10, the majority of users will get their copy of Windows 10 through Get Windows 10 and Windows Update.

As we’re talking about upgrades, Microsoft will start a global marketing campaign named “A more human way to do,” which will focus on a message “Upgrade Your World.” So Microsoft doesn’t only want you to upgrade your computer’s operating system, but also other things in your life, like your car, or house. You can tell the world what do you want to upgrade by tweeting it with the hashtag #UpgradeYourWorld.

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