Windows 10 users to soon play games on Facebook’s PC game platform

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Facebook is preparing to extend its services and will soon develop its own PC game platform. This means that Windows 10 PC users will soon have another game platform at their disposal, allowing them to access a wider variety of games.

The social media giant has partnered with Unity Technologies to expand its set of game developer tools and services and take the Facebook game experience to the next level. There are more than 650 Facebook users who are actively engaged in Facebook games, and this partnership will definitely convince more gamers to join the club.

Unity and Facebook are joining forces to build new functionality into Unity that streamlines the process for exporting and publishing games onto Facebook. This will allow Unity developers to quickly deliver their games to the more than 650 million players who enjoy playing Facebook-connected games every month — a massive and highly-engaged gaming community that enabled Facebook to pay out over $2.5 billion to just web-game developers in 2015 alone.

Developers can already apply to enter the closed-alpha build and create games for Facebook’s PC game platform. The application deadline is August 31.

Gamers hope that Facebook’s game platform will force Steam to reduce the prices of their games. However, the game prices are established by developers and publishers, and it’s unlikely that the new platform could influence the game prices, especially when it comes to platform-exclusive games.

Truth be told, Facebook has a major advantage compared to Steam: the social media giant has hundreds of millions of active gamers, while Steam counts only about 120 million active users. Game developers will definitely be attracted by Facebook’s PC game platform due to the high level of exposure it can offer.



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