Unlock your Windows 10 PC from your Windows 10 Mobile Device using Phone Sign-In

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A new app that allows you to unlock your Windows 10 PC with a Windows 10 Mobile device just appeared in the Store. The app is called Phone Sign-in and it’s already available in beta.

Phone Sign-In works over Bluetooth to connect your phone to your PC so you can easily unlock it simply by pressing one button on your Windows 10 Mobile device — without the need of entering a password. So, users who don’t have fingerprint sensors or a Windows Hello-compatible camera finally have an alternative way to sign in.

As stated on Phone Sign-In’s official Windows Store page, the app is still in beta and we expect more options for it in the future. Some of the features that will eventually be added eventually are: support for Microsoft account, a sign-in solution for browsers and VPN, one-time passcode generation, and MFA approval through notifications.

Same app as Microsoft Authenticator?

We’re definitely glad that Microsoft is working on improving Windows 10’s security by delivering new security options. But when Walking Cat told his followers on Twitter about Phone Sign-In, one glaring detail stood out.

Phone Sign-In is basically the same app as Microsoft Authenticator, the app we covered in January. Microsoft Authenticator offers the same sync option over Bluetooth as Phone Sign-in, with Microsoft also promising similar features for Authenticator once the app leaves the beta.

So, we’re wondering: what will Microsoft plan to do with two identical apps in the Store? Perhaps Microsoft decided to change the name of the app. With both apps currently being tested internally, there could ultimately be only one, final version in the Store. We’ll see.

Until then, download and try the Phone Sign-In app on your Windows 10 Mobile device as it is already available in the Store.

If you notice any differences between Microsoft Authenticator and Phone Sign-In, please let us know in the comments below!


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