Stories might replace Albums in the Windows 10 Photos app

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Microsoft is currently performing tests on a version of the Windows 10 Photos app for some Insiders that swaps the Albums tab with a brand new Stories tab.

The updated Windows 10 Photos app

MSPowerUser reported that while Microsoft updated the Windows 10 Photos app, there doesn’t seem to bring any new features or capabilities to the application. Instead, it looks like it only going to replace the world Album with Stories throughout the app. So, it’s not going to be similar to the Stories we see every day in Snapchat, Facebook or Instagram — it’s just the plain old album feature with a new name.

Engaging more users with Windows 10 Photos app

Microsoft might be conducting this testing process in order to see if it can engage more users with the Windows 10 Photos app. In previous photo gallery apps, the Album view was only a folder which used to present photos just the way in which they were organized.

the Album view – or Stories as it may become in the near future – is now allowing users to build a virtual, cloud-based album that will sync across all a user’s devices either via Windows Photos app or the iOS/Android OneDrive application.

With all this, Microsoft might be trying to improve user engagement with its Windows 10 Photos app. The company is not simply trying to get users to use the app, but also wants them to take advantage of the attached cloud services. We just have to wait and see if Microsoft’s plan is going to turn out as successful as the company wants it to be.



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