Microsoft could change Windows 10 Photos app’s name again

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Microsoft recently caused a stir with loyal followers when it decided to change the name of its upcoming photo app update for Windows 10 to “Story Remix.”

The name change was met with resistance by many who thought it wasn’t a good one and lost focus of the functionalities most sought with the app. Well, the company has heard the qualms and changed the name back to “Photos.”

The Story Remix name was a ploy to dedicate the update to one of the newest feature additions which makes it possible to leverage machine learning and mixed reality to automatically create movies out of your images, music and video collection versus having to manually pick and choose to create.

The company also announced earlier this year that it would be doing away with it’s Windows App Studio, a web-based app development tool and replace it with Visual Template Studio, a more complex version of the app included in the Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition.

Windows 10 Photos app could soon get a new name

This latest name swap debacle isn’t over either. Senior program manager Brandon LeBlanc told followers on Twitter recently that they are still playing with a final name before the release and even asked for community feedback. So the update may still revert to something else.

However, users really hate this name-changing story:

I don’t like where this is going.
I want a photos app. If you want to do some facial recognition and maybe object recognition, then fine.
But I don’t need a fucking story. I need to find the pictures I want to look at.
If they want to call it Photo Timeline or some cooler name that implies the same, then that’s okay. Or Microsoft Photo Collections (with Smart Albums).

We’ll be following closely here at Windows Report and keep you updated.

What features are you most looking forward to? Comment below!

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