PowerLauncher app to enhance Windows 10 Search

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windows 10 search improvements

Microsoft is developing the PowerLauncher app to enable Windows 10 users to find applications and files much faster. The utility will likely replace or improve search functions currently available on the OS, such as the Win+R shortcut.

According to Microsoft’s Jessica Yuwono, a survey by the company found that most Windows Search users want the utility to perform much better and more accurately.

It’s PowerLauncher, a new toy in PowerToys that can help you search and launch your app instantly! It is open-source and modular for additional plugins.

A new powerful feature in Microsoft’s PowerToys

Microsoft wants to compete with third-party apps that help to make life around its OS a bit easier, and it’s bringing PowerToys back to achieve that objective. That’s a set of utilities dating back to the Windows 95 era, although they aren’t available on Windows 7.

As part of the much-improved package, PowerLauncher is set to address multiple concerns that power users have in the past raised about Windows Search.

One major issue with the current “Win+R” search shortcut is that it doesn’t take the user to the right command or file if they’ve forgotten its exact name. So, many users have been asking Microsoft to add an auto-correct feature to the utility. The proposed solution will have text and app suggestion features to help with that.

Microsoft might inspire user confidence in its revamped Windows 10 search utility if it can address concerns that its major competitors haven’t already. There are plenty of opportunities to do exactly that.

For example, the ability to “run as admin” is a crucial differentiator for PowerLauncher because it lacks in not only “Win+R,” but also in application launchers like Launchy, Alfred, and Spotlight.

Microsoft already released the code for the PowerToys project on GitHub. So, developers have an opportunity to add value to PowerLauncher by creating their own utilities to help Windows 10 PC users to access folders, apps, documents, media, and the web much faster.

While the technical specifications for the PowerLauncher project are in the public domain, it’s not yet clear when the app will be available on Windows 10.


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