Windows 10 Preview build 14379 causes installation fails, problems with Cortana, and more

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Microsoft released build 14379 for Windows 10 Preview and Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview a couple of days ago in order to fix some known issues in the OS. However, besides fixing bugs, the new build also caused some problems to Insiders who installed it.

Luckily, this build actually isn’t as troublesome as some previous releases. It actually causes just a few new problems as all its other issues were actually present in previous builds.

Windows 10 Preview build 14379 reported issues

As usual, most of the issues caused by build 14379 are related to downloading or installing it. Users are saying they were unable to download the build and also reported a few error messages, like error 0x80240031, during the installation. Additionally, some are users also complaining their computer freezing during installation.

“Hi,i am insider and  i want download build 14379
i want twice time update windows , both times download completed but show error is not installed. What should I do?”

windows 10 build 14379 issues

Unfortunately, we don’t have a proper solution for this problem and neither do Microsoft’s engineers from the Community forum. If you’ve encountered this issue, try running the WUReset script and let us know if it was helpful.

Another problem that actually bothers many users in this build is a problem with the expiration date. Namely, a lot of Insiders reported that build 14379 changed the expiry date of their system.

“When I first installed build 14379, the expiry date was 10-15-2016, but when I restarted the computer, the expiry date changed to 7-15-2016, what’s going on?”

The cause of this problem is unknown, but some users are beginning to think that Microsoft actually did this on purpose to cut down on the number of Insiders since many of them are inactive. However, Microsoft hasn’t said anything about this issue, so we’ll have to wait a little more to find out if this was Microsoft’s intention or just a regular Preview build bug.

Users have been dealing with Cortana problems for several builds now. Insiders first reported various problems with Windows 10’s virtual assistant. Later, they reported that these problems are solved. Now, users are starting to report Cortana issues again. Once again, the main problem is the issue with Canada English speech pack which consistently fails to download for some users.

“In speech it does not hold the English Canada setting reverts back to French.”

And finally, the last issue we managed to find is the problem with the Arc Touch Bluetooth mouse on Surface Pro 3. Namely, one Insider reported the low power stat issue with his Arc Touch Bluetooth mouse:

“Ever since build 14371 my Arc Touch BT Mouse (on a Surface Pro 3) has been behaving erratically in that it accelerates to such an extend as to be almost unusable. I works well after a restart but after the machine has been put in lock state/sleep/or simply left to idle for a while it starts jumping again. I therefore suspect that it occurs after the Bluetooth system has been in a low power state.”

Unfortunately, users from the forums didn’t have a proper solution for this issue.

As you can see, this build actually causes a smaller number of issues compared to previous Windows 10 Preview builds. This is very encouraging for Microsoft as the company is working hard to address all possible issues and deliver the Anniversary Update as stable as possible.

Of course, there are still some problems that need to be resolved, but we’re still one month away from the Anniversary Update so we believe Microsoft will manage to fix everything and finally release a stable, major update for Windows 10.

In case you’ve encountered some issues that we didn’t list in this article, please let us know in the comments.



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