Windows 10 Preview build 17127 brings Cortana’s Notebook section access

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The release date for Windows 10 Spring Creators Update is just around the corner, and Microsoft is releasing more builds for the upcoming version of Windows 10. The latest release is Build 17127 which comes with a few fixes, while at the same time adding more enhancements to Cortana such as an updated Notebook design for all markets and a new profile page.

Access new features via Cortana’s Notebook section

Cortana’s profile page is server-powered, and it allows users to add and edit favorite locations and receive traffic updates and various handy reminders.  Microsoft’s plans include the extension of these features in order to be able to cover users’ interests, accounts, families, and more areas in the forthcoming updates. You have the chance of accessing this option via the Notebook section.

The company updated Cortana’s Notebook in Build 17063, but the updates were only available for US users. Now, with this latest build, Microsoft made the new updates available for all markets, and they come in all languages that support Cortana. The AI assistant’s performance has also been enhanced, and you’ll be able to enjoy some new tips for skills.

Changes, improvements, and fixes included in Build 17127

Here’s what new and better in the latest build for Windows 10 Spring Creators Update:

  • The problem where if you had your phone linked to your computer before upgrading, it would become unlinked after the upgrade has been solved.
  • The issue that caused Microsoft Edge to crash when some extensions got turned off has been fixed.
  • The problem that made the Narrator crash while using the scan mode in order to read dialogs in Microsoft Edge has been solved.
  • The issue that resulted in the page up and down keys failure while using Microsoft Edge in Reading View had been fixed.
  • The problem that resulted in the loss of focus after using WIN+A to close the Action Center was fixed as well.
  • The problem that came up when you switched your formatting to Japanese without having the language in your list and caused the newly installed apps not to show up in Start has been fixed.
  • The issue where the inbox apps failed to lead inside of Windows Mixed Reality has been fixed.

Current known issues

The latest build for Windows 10 Spring Creators Update does not include any known problems. On the other hand, the Windows Mixed Reality Team claims that in some “rare instances,” newly places holograms may look empty and the shell may restart when you’re switching between locations.



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