Windows 10 Preview Installed on Desktop the Most, Followed by Laptop and Tablet Devices

by Radu Tyrsina
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Windows 10 is already out, well, the first technical preview version is, and we have some interesting stats already which speak about who downloaded Windows 10 and on what devices.
windows 10 desktop installs
Unlike what some might believe, Windows 10 was actually downloaded by more than 1 million users, but until recently we didn’t know exactly how many of these were desktop users and how many tablet or laptop owners.

Desktop users seem to prefer Windows 10 the most

Now, according to new statistic provided by Microsoft, we can see that the majority of those who have downloaded the first preview of Windows 10 are on desktop devices, with a 41 percentage shared.

The above graph also highlights that laptops were next with 32%, followed by Virtual Machines with 22%. However, current tablet owners haven’t expressed a big interest in Windows 10, which means Microsoft’s latest operating system is perceived as a big update for those on desktop devices and now for tablet owners.

The reason why so many Virtual Machines owners have installed the technical preview of Windows 10 is quite clear – they are running it on their main device, but don’t want to compromise their entire system. Also, this is a safe way to try out the operating system before making the big jump.

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