Windows 10 privacy gets major changes to win over suspicious users

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Microsoft has been pushing hard to make Windows 10 the go-to OS version for its users through various methods. A big factor that contributed to people rejecting them, however, is Windows 10’s privacy policies and tendency to spy on users. There are numerous entities against these policies. Software such as Spybot Anti-Beacon or even Ashampoo AntiSpy have surfaced in response, fighting what many believe to be unjust privacy settings.

Microsoft defended itself by saying that is was taking a more “personal” approach to its business and that trust was needed on the user’s side to have it work as intended. The subject was revisited and now it seems that the company is willing to give users some options in regards to their own privacy.

According to Terry Myerson, a Microsoft representative, there are two implementations that should please those unhappy with how privacy was handled until this point. The first implementation is in the form of a web dashboard that directly controls privacy similar to what Google does with its services, allow users to review and manage every piece of information associated with them.

This includes not only browsing, location or search information, but also data collected through the Cortana Notebook feature. Several services will be linked to the dashboard so that users have an easier time around the platform.

The second implementation is in the form of several changes made to the way Microsoft collects and investigates data. This means that at a “base” level, a lot less information will be in fact collected in contrast with how things are done at the moment.

According to the Microsoft official, users can expect these changes to hit the Windows Insider program pretty soon. The next build made available could possibly contain these changes and let users try them out.



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