Windows 10: Pro for Education to be introduced by Microsoft

by Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
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Windows 10 is an operating system with several SKUs, but that’s not enough for Microsoft because the company wants to introduce another SKU. There is basically a Windows 10 SKU for different needs. We have the Pro, Education, Enterprise, Home, etc. However, the software giant is planning to add another to the Education line.

This one is called Windows 10: Pro for Education. Microsoft added the new SKU in the Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14328. For those who are running Windows 10 Insider Build 14332, it is possible to check the available editions for your SKU with a few taps on the keyboard.

What you’ll need to do is use the “Dism /Online /Get-TargetEditions” command in CMD to get the relevant information.

We have to say, the idea of Windows 10: Pro for Education seems interesting since Microsoft has been focusing a lot on education for quite some time. This is a market where it and Google, among others, have been battling to dominate. Google is using its Chromebooks while Microsoft is using its Education version of Windows along with Office 365.

Most education institutions use Microsoft software, so it makes sense for the company to release a new a Pro version of its Windows 10: Education operating system.

Seeing as Microsoft has yet to officially release this new SKU, it is difficult for us to talk about the features and how well they work. We do know however that Windows 10: Pro for Education is based on the Enterprise version of the operating system, so it will have more features than the regular Pro version for home users.

Ouside of the new Windows 10: Pro for Education, the software giant is also working on an SKU called ProfessionalWorkstation. This is for the workhorse computers out there, so we’re very much inclined to find out what it will bring to the table whenever it is released.