Next Windows 10 Preview build brings Project Centennial

by Ivan Jenic
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One of the more interesting moments at this year’s Build conference was Microsoft showing off how games ‘created’ with Project Centennial would work. And while Project Centennial will reach its height when the upcoming Windows 10 Anniversary Update arrives, users should have an opportunity to test it in the very next Windows 10 Preview build.

With Microsoft having used Windows 10 build 14306 during this week’s Build event, it’s expected to be the next build for Windows 10 Preview. Since Microsoft has yet to announce this build anywhere, we can’t be sure about any other features other than some Project Centennial-related ones.

If you’re not familiar with Project Centennial, it’s Microsoft’s new porting tool that allows developers to ‘transfer’ their old Win32 and .NET programs and games to Windows 10’s Universal Windows Platform. This will basically allow any software developed to be available on every Windows 10-platform, and it also should solve Windows 10’s long lasting problem with compatibility of older games and programs.

Project Centennial apps to be ready before the Anniversary Update

It’s commonly understood that Microsoft wants developers to start converting their apps and games to UWP as soon as possible. The company released the first Anniversary Update SDK a couple of days ago and included Project Centennial features, allowing developers to work on conversions right away.

By starting now, many developers will have their UWP apps ready before the release of the Anniversary Update. Having converted UWP apps along with the new update for Windows 10 should complete the experience. Although the Anniversary Update will see Desktop apps migrate to UWP, the update as a whole will offer many more exciting features. Follow our Anniversary Update Hub for more information and announcements about the update.

As Microsoft explained, converting apps to UWP is a simple process requiring just a few steps from developers. “Reach every Windows device. Once all functionality moves from the full-trust portion of your app and into the app container portion, your app will be able to reach every Windows device,” Microsoft said.

Converted games that Microsoft presented at the Build conference seemed to work pretty well, with the difference between a Desktop version and a UWP version is barely visible. We hope that apps and games ‘created’ by other developers will work as good as Microsoft’s ones so users can enjoy the best possible UWP experience of their favorite Desktop apps.

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