Microsoft might update Windows 10 to enable custom quick actions

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The Windows 10 Action Center includes Quick Action buttons that provide shortcuts for adjusting settings. For example, users can press the Tablet mode button to toggle that mode on/off instead of adjusting the option via Settings. Users can’t set up custom Quick Action buttons at the moment.

However, the Windows tipster Albacore has stated that users will soon be able to set up their own custom Microsoft Flow action buttons in Windows 10.

Albacore stated on his Twitter page, “You will soon be able to create Quick Action buttons (in Notification Center) for your Microsoft Flow actions.” Thus, he predicts that a future Windows build update will enable users to add their own Microsoft Flow buttons to the Action Center. When asked about the buttons, Albacore stated that each flow will have its own Quick Action button.

Microsoft Flows is the could-based tool with which users can set up automated tasks, which are similar to macros that record a sequence of selected options (otherwise actions). The software provides users with a series of pre-built flow templates, or users can set up their own flows for Microsoft and third-party software. According to Albacore, Microsoft will update Windows 10 to integrate it with Microsoft Flows so that users can create customized flow actions for that platform.

Custom Quick Action buttons for the Action Center could be Windows 10’s alternative to macOS Mojave’s Quick Actions if Microsoft unlocks the feature to developers. Mojave users can set up custom Quick Actions for specific files with Automater. For example, users can set up actions that resize images to specific dimensions when selected. Then the users won’t need to edit the images with editing software whenever they need to resize them.

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When Microsoft will release the update for custom Quick Action buttons is a little unclear. However, there is some chance that upcoming Windows Insider previews might include new quick actions features for insiders to try. Windows 10 19H1 is the earliest build update that could introduce custom quick actions, which Microsoft will probably release in April 2019.

So one of the 2019 build previews might enable Microsoft Flow users to add their own flow buttons to the Action Center. Flow buttons will greatly enhance the flexibility of the Action Center. Those who can’t wait for custom Quick Action buttons can set up macros that automate Windows 10 tasks with third-party macro software.



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