Microsoft fixes reboot notifications for Windows 10 Insiders

Madalina Dinita
by Madalina Dinita
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windows 10 reboot needed notification

Insiders can now test the Windows 10 Insider Build 19541 and try out some of the new features of the OS.

The build is still in its early stages, as it is only currently available to those that are part of the Fast Ring. This means that among Windows builds, this one is the most unstable, and the most likely to have bugs.

What bugs did Preview Build 19541 fix?

One of the discovered issues that have been already fixed is one related to a Windows Update Reboot needed notification that persists through reboots.

As the name suggests, the notification that usually appears after a Windows Update urging you to reboot  fails to go away even after you perform a reboot.

However, Microsoft was quick to fix this issue, since it was probably reported countless times by those in the Fast Ring.

The bug itself does not break system functionality in any way. However, having a notification that doesn’t go away can be a bit annoying. The fact that this issue was fixed just goes to show you how efficient the Windows Insider program is.

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