Windows 10 Redstone 2 to get Flow feature

by Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
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Perhaps the greatest advantage you have when you use several Microsoft devices at the same time is the fact that they are all familiar to you. The fact that you can switch between your desktop and a Windows 10 phone while still keeping the same interface makes your work much easier and increases your productivity.

Zac Bowden, who works at Windows Central, made a report in which he showed that the future release for RedStone 2 will be making the devices even more similar. This new feature is going to be called “Flow” and it lets you sync an app from one device to another, as long as they are running Windows 10. It will allow you to copy your exact work, the settings you have or anything you want to save.

Flow is in fact a refined version of the Continue App Experiences found in Redstone 1, which helped pretty much with the same thing. However, the previous version did not come with a dedicated UI or many options to let you play around with it.

According to Zac, a big part of the Flow will be handled through Cortana, just like most other features. And it makes sense to make it so, since the assistant is available on every Windows 10 device, so why not take advantage of it. If they will implement the new feature correctly, Cortana will show you contextual prompts to sync everything app, so you don’t need to do anything complicated.

Even though the name is not such an official one, it seems that the team is already working on it and it will be implemented as soon as possible. It will create a homogeneous and coherent Windows 10 experience and it will definitely be a key experience for the OS’ users.


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