Windows 10 Redstone 3 could come with full screen mode on Edge

by Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
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Since Microsoft replaced their iconic Internet Explorer browser with the  Microsoft Edge, the company has relentlessly tried to promote the internet browser. One thing Microsoft Edge currently lacks, though, is true full-screen support. This is something many are scratching their heads about since it doesn’t make sense how browser supposedly competing with the leaders in the industry doesn’t have full-screen support. The good news is that Microsoft has acknowledged this and will be deploying a fix to the problem in Redstone 3.

Still waiting on the update

The problem has extended to the point where fans and users of Microsoft’s services are unhappy because the company won’t seem to finish working on this feature in time for the next update. The next update,  the Creators Update, doesn’t seem to feature anything related full-screen support.

Nothing planned for Redstone 3

It’s been a couple of months since Microsoft representatives confirmed they’re working on a fix for this problem. But with no word about it yet and the Creators Update almost out, many think Microsoft will be keeping this much-anticipated feature as part of the Redstone 3 update.

Of course, the Creators Update hasn’t come out to the general public yet, so it’s a little too soon to talk about the massive update scheduled after it, let alone give it a name. Redstone is the codename Microsoft gives to its software projects and usually represents a collection of content patches which all fall under one flag. Redstone 1 and Redstone 2 were the ones prior to 3, and Redstone 3 features none other than the Creators Update.

It will be interesting to see how Microsoft treats this issue in the future and how long it will take the Windows creator to come up with a solution for those using Microsoft Edge.


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