Windows 10 Redstone 4 will bring Timeline, but Sets is missing

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windows 10 sets

Every Windows enthusiast knows that Windows Timeline and Sets are indeed two of the most anticipated Windows 10 features for a really long time.

Microsoft’s Terry Myerson has previously stated that these two long-awaited features would be included in future Windows Insider builds. But, it seems that this will not turn out as planned.

Things got clarified with the two features

During the Windows Insider webcast, things related to these features were clarified for users. Microsoft’s Jason Howard confirmed that users could expect Windows Timeline but not also the Sets feature after the RS4 will eventually hit the mainstream public.

This might come as quite a shock for some users, but if you didn’t know, such a thing was previously hinted at in the original blog post of Terry Meyerson who announced the Sets feature.

Windows Insider can expect this Sets feature to be A/B tested in the forthcoming RS4 builds. We will then see the function pushed out and later reappear in time for the following RS5 release.

Windows Timeline will be included in the upcoming RS4 for sure, and Windows Insiders can expect to test this feature in the future new builds.

To check out more in-depth details on Windows Timeline we recommend that you head over to the Windows Insider Podcast.

What to expect with Windows Timeline

Just in case you forgot, Windows Timeline will allow you to sync your work seamlessly across multiple devices and also have a log of all the recent apps. The Insider team already shows a live demo of how this feature would work and also on how you can benefit from it.

The Insider team also noted that developers would have to change the codes in order to make sure that their applications are compatible with Windows Timeline.


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