Windows 10 Redstone Update to Bring More Cortana Functions

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by Ivan Jenic
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We presented you a Redstone update for Windows 10 some time ago, and now we finally have a look at some of the features and improvements it will bring. One of the first known improvements of Redstone Update is big enhancement for Cortana. The new update will allow your virtual assistant to float around Windows 10, so it’ll be able to do much more.

This ‘floating mechanism’ will, for example, allow Cortana to appear contextually on top of your documents, and it will be a powerful search tool, so don’t confuse it with animated assistants that appeared in older versions of Office. The new update will also allow you to control even more Windows 10 features, like the ability to mute all incoming notifications. Microsoft is also planning further integration of Office 365 services with Cortana, so they’ll be available directly in Windows 10.

Microsoft apparently has big ambitions with Cortana in the upcoming Redstone update, as the company also should present its so-called ‘task continuation.’ If you’re not familiar with this term, it means that you’ll be able to use Cortana to complete actions on one device from another, like for example, sending text messages on your mobile device from a Windows 10 PC.

Of course Cortana won’t be the only focus Windows 10 Redstone update, because it’s going to be next major update for the system (after Threshold 2). There are rumors around the internet that the Redstone update will bring some changes to the Action Center, too, as it should make this Windows 10 feature more functional.

We have a lot of time until the release of the Redstone update, and we hope that Microsoft will learn from experience with this year’s updates, and it will fix all possible bugs, before the Redstone update gets released. To read the latest news about the upcoming Redstone update, check out our Redstone Update Hub.

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