Windows 10 Redstone Update Second Wave Pushed to Spring 2017

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Microsoft is working on the second major update for Windows 10, dubbed the Redstone update. It is known that the update will arrive in two waves, bringing different sets of features and improvements with each release. Originally, it was believed that the first wave — labeled RS1 — would arrive in June of this year, with RS2 is hitting the system in autumn 2016.

But, as WinBeta reports, Microsoft allegedly pushed back the second wave from autumn 2016 to spring 2017. The reason for the delay is still unclear but it’s likely Microsoft needs more time to deliver all planned features and improvements. Microsoft did say last month that some Redstone features would be delayed due to company’s efforts to improve One Core features of Windows 10, so a case of having too much on the plate seems about right..

Redstone is not about just new features and improvements

Microsoft promised that the Redstone update will be bigger than the previous major update for Windows 10, the November update, and we believe them. Redstone is not about just new features and improvements. Its release will bring a whole host of new aspects to the operating system on every platform compatible with Windows 10.While most are eagerly anticipating Extensions support for Microsoft Edge, Microsoft is also beefing up Windows 10’s cross-platform features as part of its rollout.

Gaming is obviously another big focus for Windows 10 and its cousin, the Xbox One. The company brought some big names to the Store for the first time, like Rise of the Tomb Raider, Gears of War, and Killer Instinct just to name a few. These releases precede the anticipated debut of the Windows Store on Xbox in June, which will transform it into a multimedia hub available on absolutely all Windows 10 devices.

Another cross-platform feature gaining some much-needed improvement with the Redstone update is Cortana. Microsoft is already offering new Cortana functionality in the preview builds of the Redstone update, and we expect to see a lot more in the upcoming builds along with a final version of the update itself.

Microsoft has already started releasing Redstone builds to Windows Insiders but as the update is still in its early development phase, no breakout features have been documented just yet — something that is sure to change near future. Redmond is going big with the Redstone update.


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