Windows 10 Redstone update will add important features to Photos app

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Microsoft is currently working on a major patch for Windows 10 called Redstone and according to reports, this patch will bring various improvements and other much-needed features to Windows 10.

The Photos app, in particular, will get few new features such as smart search, marking its transition from a simple photo viewing app to a photo organizer.

Photos app to get smart search and better editing options

The current version of the Photos app is rather simple but it does its job well. In its current state, the Photos app is a just an ordinary photo viewing application lacking any advanced features, but Microsoft plans to change that soon. According to the reports, Photos app will get the type of intelligent search resembling that of OneDrive’s.

By using the smart search feature, users will be able to search their photos by different criteria such as the specific people they’d like to find or location where the picture was taken. This is possible because the Photos app will automatically scan photos for faces and check metadata for location and other information. After gathering this data, the Photos app will organize your photos according to location or by people that were in them. If you wish to keep your pictures properly organized yourself, you’ll be able to add tags to your pictures and later search by those tags.

Although the smart search feature sounds appealing, it’s not the only improvement planned for the Photos app. There are plans to add basic editing options that will allow you to draw directly onto your pictures. If you want to further edit your pictures, there will be new effects and filters added as well.

Microsoft is determined to enhance its simple Photos app and turn it into a complete photo organizer similar to Picasa. Although these new features sound compelling, they will be completely optional, so if you wish to use the Photos app just as a simple photo viewer, you can continue to do so.

It’s great to see that Microsoft is working hard to improve its apps, but with reports that Microsoft is pushing second Redstone update to Spring 2017, we might have to wait a while before we see the improved version of the Photos app.

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Win10 photo app is an abomination! Windows 7 photo viewer far superior in every way…

Loading photos from your phone or digital camera was click “ok” your done, it would create a dated folder exactly where I wanted it; in the external hard drive pictures folder. I was never able to figure out where my photos were stored on my laptops hard drive. I looked all over couldn’t find them, so thats when I decided its time to educate myself and delete this albatross.

Using Powershell I am happy to report its gone! out of my life for ever! Alarm clock Maps groove phone companion all gone, the only apps that couldn’t be uninstalled were Edge and Cortana.

Now am back to the ease and simplicity of win7 photo viewer….Still trying to figure out how to go back to the simplicity of downloading images from my phone/camera right to my ExHard drive. Right now I have to manually move them out of my phone to the External hard drive folder. Not a huge Pain but a lot more steps than Windows 7.

Windows 10 photo app is an organization killer…it took my 13,000 plus photos that I had neatly organized and turned it into 126,000 photos some being duplicated up to 12Xs mess! (yes anti duplication was/is turned on) that a month later am still trying to fix.

Photo app is junk.