Windows 10 Remote Desktop Universal App with Continuum Coming Soon

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A Microsoft employee recently announced in the blog post that the Remote Desktop Universal app for Windows 10 will arrive soon. The preview version of Windows Remote Desktop app is already available for Windows 10 PCs (but not for mobile), but the Technical Preview version will arrive soon.

We have this information from Microsoft Community forums, where a forum moderator, Jason[MS], posted the info about the upcoming Remote Desktop Universal app, when asked about Continuum, and what users want.

“We’ve heard a lot of buzz around being able to connect to a remote desktop from Continuum for phone. We are excited to share that the Remote Desktop Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app will be released very soon in Technical Preview.”

Windows 10 Remote Desktop universal app incoming

Although Jason revealed that the app will arrive on Windows 10 soon, he didn’t say anything about the actual release date of the app, probably because Microsoft didn’t set it yet. The  new version of the app will be Continuum enabled, and it will offer some additional, unique opportunities for remote workers. The release of this app is expected, because it is one of the essential apps for tools for IT Professionals and administrators.

Remote Desktop is one very useful feature, especially if you’re working on the go. It allows you to remotely control your desktop on one computer, from another PC or laptop.

Windows Remote Desktop Universal app is currently available as a preview, but only for PC Windows 10 users, as Windows 10 Mobile users still don’t have an opportunity to try it. If you want to download a preview version, you can do it from Windows Store, for free.

Are you looking forward to the release of Windows 10 Remote Desktop universal app? Will you use it to control your Desktop PC from another location? Tell us in the comments.


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