Microsoft Reveals Retail Packages for Windows 10 Home and Pro Editions

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Release of Windows 10 is just a couple of weeks away from us, and Microsoft is constantly revealing more news and announcements about the system. Recently, the company presented how the retail packages of Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro will look.
windows 10 retail package wind8appsAs we can see the packages are pretty much identical, but only with different color schemes. Windows 10 Home has a blue theme, and Windows 10 Pro edition is in purple color. The design is very minimalistic, with only Desktops (Official Hero Windows 10 wallpaper and open Start Menu) shown on the front of the packaged. It’s pretty different from the colorful Windows 8 package, and unlike its predecessor, it shows exactly what Windows 10 looks like when you install the system for the first time.

Besides regular, disc packages, Microsoft also revealed even more simplistic packages for USB copies of Windows 10. These versions are also blue and purple themed, with only flat Windows logo on the package.

windows usb retail packages

The word is spreading around the internet that these packages might be the last Windows retail packages we’ll see from Microsoft, because the company reportedly plans to release further Windows’ only in digital form for downloading from the official site. Also, these retail versions of Windows 10 won’t be available on July 29th, so you won’t be able to buy them from day one.

But if you’re not a collector, and you’ve reserved your free copy of Windows 10 via Get Windows 10 app for Windows 8 and Windows 7, you don’t have to worry about the release of retail versions, as you’ll get your new operating system right on time.

If you want to read other latest details about Windows 10 and its features, you can check out our Windows 10 hub, for more stories, news and announcements.

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