Windows 10 RTM to be Released in June 2015

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Microsoft engineers are very busy these days as they’re working hard on both PC and mobile versions of Windows 10. Technical preview for phones has already been been released, and now we maybe can look for the final build of the PC version of Windows 10.
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Probably the first question we have on mind when talking about Windows 10 is when will the final version of the OS be released? There are rumors around the internet saying that Microsoft will release the final version in June, but as with any other timeline, it could be delayed. So why is Microsoft targeting June instead of the traditional August release? Because if the OS hits RTM in August, hardware from OEMs will probably come around October, and it won’t be ready for back-to-school students. Releasing devices from OEMs is also good in October, because of the holidays, but Microsoft decided that releasing the hardware for back-to-school students will be more profitable.

This is probably the right choice, because Microsoft knows that it can’t exploit the Surface 3 Pro forever, it will need to feature a Broadwell chip in the the device sooner rather than later to remain competitive with others. Surely, it doesn’t need to happen right now, but Microsoft will have to do that in the near future, because releasing a new Surface with Windows 8.1 is not the logical move.

We also have to notice that Microsoft released the Surface Pro 3 in June last year, as well, which is a perfect time for back-to-school market. And it would make a lot of sense for Microsoft to release the new Surface device around the same time with the final version of Windows 10, and there’s a big possibility that Microsoft will do just that.

What do you think, will Windows 10 be released in June, and is this good or bad for Microsoft and its products?

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Unless Windows 10 feels more like Windows 7, I won’t be a happy camper. 8.1 just SUCKS. I hate it, hate it, HATE IT. Microsoft blew it. Never thought I’d start to dislike the computer, but Microsuck managed to engender those feelings in me!

I can’t wait for a final version of Windows 10 but I don’t feel they should have an absolute deadline. They should focus on making it great quality with the least bugs possible. Us users that use a final version of software shouldn’t have to be used as their beta testers. I understand no software is ever perfect but we expect software we pay for to just work great and make our lives easier (yes, it’s a paid OS and we still had to pay for Windows 7/8 in order to get 10 free within the year).

Windows 8 wasn’t intuitive out of the box but very stable. Initial build lacked shut down button making a simple task hard for average users to find. Windows 8.1 Update was a welcome improvement but Microsoft, why make it unnecessarily hard to use your software? Technology is supposed to make life easier, not harder. I’m glad Windows 10 is being an improvement on intuitiveness but I expect good quality too by not having it rushed out the door unfinished.