Many Windows 10 S mode users are unable to switch out of it

by Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
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Windows 10 S mode blocks users from switching out of it

Windows 10 S was launched some time ago. In the meantime, it became S mode and Microsoft stated that the upgrade to the full version would always be free.

If this doesn’t sound familiar, know that Windows 10 S is a simplified version of Windows 10, specifically focused on security and performance that uses only Store apps and Microsoft Edge.

Some Windows 10 S mode users are trapped in it

Usually, the S mode comes preinstalled on certain PCs and it can easily be disabled. But it seems like a lot of people have issues with Windows 10 S mode and can’t get out of it.

Here’s how some users describe the issue:

I brought a new laptop on first week of July 2019, I powered it on when it arrived and checked few things and everything was ok. Yesterday I was trying to install an antivirus and that’s when I found out that It has Windows 10 S installed in it. I am trying to switch out of S Mode following the instructions in website but I am getting a blank screen in the Microsoft Store. Clicking on home in the Store loads all the apps, however launching the Store from the Activation link provides a black screen.

Hey, I have exactly the same problem on a brand new laptop that is currently totally useless to me.

This is already a pretty widely spread problem, as Surface Go, Samsung Galaxy Book 2, and Surface Laptop come preinstalled with S mode, along with some other devices.

It’s worth noting that because you can install only Microsoft Store apps and not .exe files, you won’t be able to use the great majority of programs that you’re used to.

Microsoft is aware and acknowledged the problem, and it’s working on a fix. There’s no official ETA on when they will solve it.

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