Is Windows 10 S nothing more than a glorified Windows RT?

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The latest user posts on Reddit are questioning if Windows 10 S is nothing more than a “glorified RT”, and that the Surface Laptop is overpriced. What do you think?

Windows 10 S is way too locked down, and the Surface Laptop is way too expensive

Reddit user VictorMRiley discussed some interesting subjects on Reddit regarding Windows 10 S and the Surface Laptop. When it comes to former, VictorMRiley gets feelings of Windows RT:

During all that time, I couldn’t stop thinking about how it is so likely to be a deja vú of Windows RT. Sure, this time it’ll run on actually powerful CPUs, it is upgradeable to 10 Pro, and there are a few OEMs on board, BUT: The Windows Store – if we’re being frank – is still a joke, especially compared to the App Store, and even the Play Store and mac App Store.

He also argues that the Surface Laptop is overpriced for what the device has to offer. His opinion is that using a pen and touch on a steeply angled screen is both odd and uncomfortable and this verdict comes after he owned a Surface Pro 2, Pro 4 and Book. For a lower price, the Surface Laptop with its specs and features might have been a viable choice but t $1K, it’s too much for him

The complaints also include how the Surface Laptop comes with Windows 10 S, but we already know you’re allowed to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro for free until this year ends and then $49 out of pocket, so it isn’t too serious of a problem.

Divided opinions

User opinions on Reddit are both pro and con Windows 10 S and the Surface Laptop, and a user explains that the Surface Laptop is not priced by the OS it’s running, but by its hardware and form factor:

that thinness and lightness, that screen, that pen and touch support, that keyboard, that battery life, that hinge, that i5 and i7 support, and that PCI-e SSD. That is what you’re paying for. And you can one-touch upgrade the laptop to Windows 10 Pro for free for the first year and only $49 after and then it’s a fully functioning Windows 10 Pro laptop for barely anymore than you paid already.

The discussion mentioned the Chromebook and the MacBook as alternatives to Microsoft’s, of course. Like we said, opinions on the matter are unsurprisingly divided.

What is your opinion? Is Windows 10 S a much too locked down experience? Is the new Surface Laptop too pricey? Let us know what you think!


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