Latest Windows 10 build leaves Cortana speechless

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Windows 10 builds often bring language package related issues. In fact, there are actually very few builds where Insiders don’t report language package and language settings issues. The latest Windows 10 build is no exception and introduces language package issues of its own.

Insiders reported that the previous build broke the language settings and turned English into the secondary desktop language. This meant that if you had a Windows 10 non-English OS running an English desktop, it was quite possible that the OS language became your desktop language after you installed build 14361.

It appears that the current build impacts the language packages even more as many users are reporting that Speech packages were nowhere to be seen. These are not isolated cases valid for only one language package: Insiders confirmed this is the case for the Indian English, UK,  Australia, and Canada Speech packages.

As you can see, all impacted packages are English language packages. Insiders using non-English language packages haven’t reported this issue.

I have recently installed insider preview build 14366 on my laptop. Usually after installing a build the windows automatically adds features for language and speech. But this didn’t happen this time. Cortana is showing that “some speech package need to finish installing” for using it but nothing is showing up in additional features in settings app.

Another Insider confirms he noticed the same thing about his English Canada Speech package, adding that this bug rendered Cortana inoperable:

Same problem for English Canada.

Hey Cortana is inoperable as it looks for the non-existent Speech Packs !!

Microsoft’s Support Team appears to be overwhelmed by this problem, as the only recommendation made was to restart the computer after installing build 14366. The Insiders confirmed they had already done that to no avail. Meanwhile, we suggest you also try our fix for situations where the Language Packages don’t work.

Have you encountered this issue as well? If you have found a fix, please share it with us in the comment section below!



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