Crucial Updates Coming to Windows 10 Technical Preview in January

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Microsoft has already updated the systems that are running Windows 10, the Technical Preview that’s it, and they also announced a Windows 10 event scheduled for January 2015. Rumors suggests that the two are somehow linked and the event scheduled for January 21 is all about the updates that will be available on Windows 10.
The Technical Preview has already been launched for eager users, but the question is when will the Consumer Preview be available? Not any time soon, it seems. As you know, any new product has to pass through some testing phases: the Technical Preview, the Developed Preview, the Consumer Preview and then the official version and Windows 10 has not yet been tested by developers. So the version that could be released next month, could simple be the Technical Preview for January.

Rumors also suggests that the tech giant could introduce a new feature called Continuum at this event. Continuum will allow users with two-in-one devices  to make the transition more easily between keyboard mode on and off. This means that when you disconnect your keyboard, a back button will be visible on the task bar and will help you to navigate more easily.

We’re sure Microsoft is working hard on the final version of Windows 10 and they will disclose some interesting information on January 21.  Invitations to journalists, reviewers an bloggers have already been sent so this is expected to be an important, rich in information event.

The event will take place at Microsoft’s Redmond, Washington headquarters. Top executives such as M icrosoft CEO Satya Nadella, Terry Myerson (the Windows group leader) and Joe Belfiore ( one of the vice presidents responsible for Windows’ design) will be speaking.  Also, according to a  Microsoft spokesperson,  the morning keynote will be publicly webcast.

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