Telegram app for Windows 10 brings new group chat settings

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The official Telegram app for Windows 10 devices received an update that packs many improvements for groups. The update provides more control for users over the instant messaging application for devices running Windows 10.

Telegram is trusted by around 200+ million users all over the world. The app is used by millions of users for sending messages, sharing photos, stickers, videos, files and any type of audio on a regular basis. 

It is known to be one of the fastest messaging app that offers a unique and secure network for connecting people around the globe.

On a side note, the fact that Telegram for Windows Phone offers similar functionalities as its iOS and Android counterparts is reassuring. However, keep in mind that you need to switch to a new mobile platform soon. Microsoft will officially end support for Windows 10 Mobile in December.

Back to our topic at hand now, a handful of features have been offered in the recent update.

A glance at the new Telegram features

Content Restriction

The update allows group admins to limit the type of content that is posted by the group members. The admins have to set the global permissions for the groups to use this feature.

Unified Group Settings

The patch has also streamlined the access to the group settings. Moreover, groups can now have up to 200,000 members instead of the 100,000 limit that was imposed previously.Groups can be made public and we are now able to set admins with granular permissions. The process to toggle persistent history has been simplified as well.

Emoji Selection

The users are now able to select emoji sets in the chat settings. The feature was not available in the previous releases.

Input/Output Devices

The update enables the users to choose input/output devices that they are going to use for Telegram calls.  This can be done by navigating to Settings > Advanced > Call Settings.

Automatic Downloading

Support for automatic media downloads has been provided to all  users along with this update.

You can read more about this update on Telegram’s official page.

More about Telegram’s plans

According to  reports, Telegram was planning for launching an ICO last spring. But the ICO plans were later cancelled soon after the company was able to raise around $200 billion in record-breaking private fundraising.

Also, Telegram is reportedly aiming to launch a new form of digital payment system but no formal announcements have been made by the social media company to this regard. 

Are you excited about the new  features? Let us know in the comments section below.

Download Telegram for Windows 10 if you haven’t already.



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