Many Windows 10 Testers Want the Full Version for Free

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Participants of Microsoft’s Insider Program are slowly summing their expressions about Windows 10 Technical Preview, as the the trial is getting closer to an expiration date. Some users of Windows 10 Technical Preview have reported that they want a reward for their feedback and cooperation in form of discounted or even free copy of Windows 10 when the system gets fully released. But is it really possible?
Let’s go straightforward, you cannot find this information yet, anywhere on the internet, unless you know someone from Microsoft board, but in that case you probably wouldn’t read this article. We don’t have this information, as Microsoft didn’t reveal any pricing details or whether the new operating system will be available as a free upgrade. All we have are speculations and buzz all over the internet.

So what are these speculations? Way back in September, last year, when Windows 10 was known as Windows 9 around the internet, the president of Microsoft Indonesia shared a few words with us. Namely, when asked will Windows 9 will be available as a free update to all Windows 8/8.1 users, he answered: “Easy, when the OS (Windows 9) was launched later, users who have been using Windows 8 just need to do the update via his device. It will be installed automatically.” But since then, Microsoft just went silent about this topic. And just because the company didn’t spread a word about it in almost five months, people started to believe that Windows 10 won’t be different than its predecessors when it comes to the price.

But Microsoft should seriously think about offering the new operating system for free, or at least discounted. Because Windows 8 wasn’t as successful as expected, and offering such an option will definitely bring lost customers back. Especially because the reviews of Windows 10 are very good so far, and people are much more satisfied with it than with Windows 8.

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