Torrex Pro torrent app now available for Windows 10 users

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Torrex Pro is a popular BitTorrent app created by FineBits that now has a version available for Windows 10 on the Windows Store. It costs $7.99 and can be installed on tablets, smartphones and the Microsoft HoloLens headset.

Features of the Torrex Pro app for Windows 10, as described by FineBits, include:

– “Flight”: The BitTorrent app is now much lighter and faster
– “Mimicry”: Features a design that adapts to any type of devices
– “Invisibility”: Torrex will work in the background and won’t bother users
– “Mutation”: Torrex has a built-in player which allows users to watch media content
– “Time jump”: Allows users to start watching a movie or listening to music even if the download is still in progress
– “Extended vision”: Torrent sources will be detected faster
– “Speed control”: This feature will allow users to limit the speed and total amount of downloaded data
– “Agility”: Instead of using mobile data, users to download content over Wi-Fi
– “Telepathy”: Using “Share Contact”, users will share data remotely
– “Empathy”: The app is available in 22 languages

Torrex Pro features smart, adaptive design, support of Continuum technology, background mode support, a simple and intuitive interface, connection encryption, download speed control, configurable content view (tiles, table, tree) and many color themes. Also, the application plays MKV video files.

Torrex Lite is the free version of the app and will also receive a universal Windows 10 version. As for the Xbox One version of the app, beta testing is expected to begin soon, which means that users will be able to download torrents directly to their consoles.



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