Windows 10 uninstalls problematic updates to avoid startup failures

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windows 10 automatically uninstall problematic updates

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No more startup failures! Microsoft has introduced an interesting functionality that allows the Windows 10 OS to fix booting issues so as to avoid startup failures.

The feature has been already rolled out to fix issues that had been preventing Windows 10 OS update installs due to some serious incompatibility issues. 

Many Windows 10 users often encounter errors right after installing the latest updates. So, this is a very much needed feature.

We removed some recently installed updates to recover your device from a startup failure.

Your system will not be able to start in that case. So, the operating system will try to recover by using automatic recovery options.

If none of them works, then uninstalling the problematic updates is the only option. This will remove the hotfixes, service packs, device drivers, updated system files that the respective updates brought.

The operating system can even go to such an extent so as to block the automatic updates for 30 days.

Automatic uninstallation of the updates

Microsoft is pretty much open about the bugs that exist in its updates. The tech giant encourages users to report the bugs that they have been experiencing.

The auto-uninstall feature is one of those efforts that have been taken by the company to resolve such update issues. It will ensure a smooth and secure working environment for the Windows 10 OS.

Don’t worry, if you are still interested in installing the respective updates, you can always attempt to reinstall it. It seems like the action has been taken to encourage as many users as possible to upgrade to Windows 10.

As a matter of fact, many were hesitant to use the latest version because of the frequent bugs. Hence, this feature will be extremely useful for all Windows 10 users.



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