Latest Windows 10 build brings a new Windows Update icon

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If you already installed Windows 10 build 14942, you may have noticed that the Windows Update icon is somehow different now. This is because Microsoft has introduced a new Windows Update icon to match the rest of the new iconography in Windows 10.

The new icon has a very simple design, and it features two half circular arrows inside a trapezium. The new icon’s design is similar to the Refresh icon used in many tools, suggesting you should refresh the build version you’re currently running.

After installing this build, you will see the new icon when Windows Update notifications appear and via Action Center. You can also manage notifications from Windows Update via Settings > System > Notifications.


Apart from this design change, build 14942 also offers more leeway to IT-Pros when it comes to updating the systems they are in charge of. Already starting with Windows 10 build 14926, the default Windows 10 apps you removed are no longer reinstalled. With build 14942, Microsoft offers IT-Pros even more freedom. If an IT-Pro de-provisions a default app from the OS image, that provisioning status will now be preserved after upgrade, and the app will not reinstall. This change applies from build 14942 onwards.

Improving the PC upgrade experience: Starting with build 14926, we announced that if you uninstall one of the preinstalled apps on Windows, that state will now be preserved after upgrade. With today’s build, we’re happy to let you know that we’ve taken that work a step further: after upgrading from 14942, if an IT-Pro has de-provisioned an app from your OS image (and you haven’t reinstalled it yourself), that provisioning status will now be preserved after upgrade, and the app will not reinstall. We appreciate everyone who shared feedback with us about this – if you have any other feedback about your upgrade experience, please don’t hesitate to log it – we’re listening!

Have you already installed Windows 10 build 14942? What do you think about the new features? Tell us more about your experience in the comment section below.



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