KB3206632 update released for Windows 10 version 1607: what’s new

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Microsoft has just released cumulative update KB3206632 for the latest version of Windows 10. The update arrived as a part of this month’s Patch Tuesday, and is available to all users running version 1607.

As KB3206632 is a regular cumulative update, it doesn’t bring any new features, but instead bug fixes and some ‘invisible’ system improvements. Here’s the complete list of improvements brought by cumulative update KB3206632 for Windows 10:

  • “Improved reliability of Security Support Provider Interface.

  • Addressed a service crash in CDPSVC that in some situations could lead to the machine not being able to acquire an IP address.

  • Addressed issue where a Catalog-signed module installation does not work on Nano Server.

  • Addressed issue with Devices left with Hello on for an excessive amount of time will not go into power savings mode.

  • Addressed issue with gl_pointSize to not work properly when used with drawElements method in Internet Explorer 11.

  • Addressed issue where Azure Active Directory-joined machines after upgrading to Windows 10 Version 1607 cannot sync with Exchange.

  • Addressed additional issues with app compatibility, updated time zone information, Internet Explorer.

  • Security updates to Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Uniscribe, Common Log File System Driver.”

Cumulative update KB3206632 is not the only update Microsoft released during December’s Patch Tuesday. The company also released cumulative updates for other two versions of the system. Windows 10 version 1507 received cumulative update KB3205386, while Windows version 1511 got update KB3205383. You can find more info about every update on Microsoft’s Update History page.

Additionally, cumulative update comes KB3206632 just a few days after the previous one, KB3201845. In case you’re not informed, the previous update caused many problems to users who installed it. So, we hope this week’s release will address at least some of the issues.

To download the update, go to the Settings app > Update & security, and check for updates.

In case you’ve already installed cumulative update KB3206632, let us know in the comments about your experience.


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Big problem with this update – system slows to a crawl. I uninstalled it & all is OK. Unfortunately it’s trying to re-install itself again.

Anyone on a n upgrade needs to backup their data and wipe and reload.

That said, MS is still doing a horrible job with updates these days – so many things breaking.

Update hung at ‘preparing to install’ for 50 minutes when i was trying to install a new bios. I had to reset the laptop, no thanks to Microsoft the bios still managed to install. Windows updates for the past few months are slow and regularly just hang, like they aren’t even downloaded yet, it just sits there ‘preparing to install’. I have to manually search for update and install them to not hang Windows when trying to update automatically on shutdown.

People that are unable to update their systems need to perhaps ‘upgrade’ their systems first. And make sure you are not using any “Cracked” version of Windows 10.

I just got a notification that I needed to restart because of this cumulative update KB3206632. but I already have it and never had any problems the first time, unlike a few others reporting that it was stuck at 95% etc… Any ideas why it is wanting to install a second time

I’m liking my HP Chromebook 14 more as each Windows 10 “update” is released.

As opposed to my HP desktop, the total amount of time I’ve had to burn to debug updates on the Chromebook is exactly ZERO.