You will be able to pause Windows 10 updates soon

by Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
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After releasing Windows 10, Microsoft announced that there would be no future Windows versions but instead constant updates and improvements for this OS. This change was frowned upon by some and met with great enthusiasm by others as it represented an opportunity to receive massive updates free instead of purchasing a brand new OS that would come with its own set of problems.

These updates come through Microsoft’s auto update feature which installs the latest OS builds straight to your machine. This doesn’t go well wit those who prefer to decide for themselves when their OS receives changes. Microsoft seems to have listened to this side of the community and will allegedly release a fix that will allow users to pause updates. If an automatic update pops up but you don’t have the time or patience for it, just pause it and save it for another day. According to various sources, the new feature will let you pause updates for a total of 35 days.

That means that paused updates won’t be an immediate concern in the back of your head and you can focus on your day. The only updates that won’t give you the option to pause them will be Windows Defender updates which will be installed regardless of your mood due to the importance of seeing them go live on all machines. Windows Defender is a prime tool in the defensive arsenal of Windows 10, so it is understandable that Microsoft doesn’t want to let users be in control of its potency.

It is yet unknown which versions of Microsoft’s Windows 10 will get this feature. The preview build on which this option was found was for the Windows 10 Enterprise SKU, meaning that Windows 10 Home or even Pro are unconfirmed for the update pausing feature.


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