Windows 10 helps companies save up money if they upgrade now

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Many companies are still relying on outdated Windows infrastructures to power their business, completely ignoring security threats. When asked why they don’t upgrade to Windows 10, companies usually invoke two main reasons: lack of time and lack of money.

However, according to recent Microsoft estimates, the initial investment made to adopt Windows 10 is really worth it because companies can save up to $404 per employee if they upgrade to Microsoft’s latest OS now.

These numbers are backed up by a study conducted by Forrester Consulting aimed at understanding the benefits and costs associated with Windows 10’s business implementation.  Forrester interviewed four organizations that were early adopters of Windows 10, from four different fields, including a government health department.

Here are the results of the study:

  • IT Management Cost Savings

Windows 10 requires less IT administration time to install, manage, and support. One of the studied companies confirmed that deploying Windows 10 was quicker and easier by as much as 50% from their last operating system upgrade. Also, the IT management time required with Windows 10 was reduced by 15%.

  • Reduced Security Remediation

New features such as Credential Guard, Device Guard and improved security features such as BitLocker reduce the IT security intervention time or avoids such interventions altogether. According to Forrester, some of the businesses could even save up to $700,000 a year by enabling security features in Windows 10.

  • Improved Productivity

Thanks to Windows 10’s business improvements, such as convenient access to corporate applications, increased security, and better mobility tools employees can increase their productivity and complete work more quickly. Employees estimate they have 25% more time to get work done than they did using previous Windows versions.



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