The April Update has now rolled out to 84% of Windows 10 PCs

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At the beginning of June 2018, AdDuplex’s report graphs showed us that the April 2018 Update had rolled out to 50% of Windows 10 desktops and laptops. The April update reached the 50% mark quicker than any other Windows 10 version update. Now the latest AdDuplex data shows that the April 2018 Update has continued its swift roll out to reach the 84% mark in July.

The latest AdDuplex report includes a pie chart (or ring) that shows the April 2018 Update is running on 84.2% of Windows 10 desktops and laptops. The Fall Creators Update has now dropped to a 10.3% figure. As such, the April 2018 Update has now rolled out to the vast majority of Windows 10 PCs.

The Windows 10 OS Worldwide History graph on the AdDuplex report page shows us that the April 2018 Update continued its meteoric rise to about the 78% mark. However, the update‘s roll out has just begun to slow down a bit. The Windows 10 April 2018 Update’s percentage share will probably continue to increase up to and beyond the 90% mark, but it will gradually start to flat line on the AdDuplex graph.

The July AdDuplex page also includes a bar graph for Microsoft Surface devices. This graph shows us that the Surface Pro 4 is the foremost Surface device with a 31.47% percentage share figure. The Surface Pro 3 and original Surface Pro have the second and third-highest percentage shares in AdDuplex’s sample. That bar graph will likely change a bit with Microsoft launching the Surface Go in August.

AdDuplex’s graph highlights that the Windows 10 April 2018 Update has had the quickest rollout to date despite an initial delay. Now most users are acquainted with the April 2018 Update, Redstone 5 is the next big update in store for Windows 10. Microsoft will probably release that build in October 2018, and it will include a new screenshot tool, Edge video option, Cloud Clipboard, File Explorer dark theme and more besides.



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