Windows 10 v1809 is now available as automatic download

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Microsoft started the New Year with important updates for all the Windows 10 versions and devices currently supported by the company. Starting mid-January, the Windows 10 v1809 (October 2018) is now available as “Automatic Download“.

This means that users no longer have to manually check for updates and the complete downloading process will be done via Windows Update. The updated has been rolled out to all the Windows 10 systems without any input from the user. So, you don’t need to be an advanced user to receive the latest update.

Last year, an issue was identified by Microsoft that had restricted the Morphisec Protector or application from using the Morphisec Software Development Kit (SDK).

Users encountered the issue when they tried to save the documents in Microsoft office application via “Save As” dialogue. On January 15, Microsoft updated  the current status of the issue as “resolved” on its blog. The issue has been addressed by Morphisec and Cisco by releasing updated versions of their applications. Microsoft recommends users to upgrade to the latest versions of the apps before upgrading to Windows 10 (version 1809).

How to upgrade to Windows 10 v1809 automatically?

Starting January 16, if you have a compatible device, this OS version will be downloaded automatically on your systems. Alternatively, the manual update is also available through Windows Update for the advanced users.  You have to move towards Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update and check for updates manually. The download will start within a few minutes.check for updates

The Windows 10 version 1809 was initially released for the Windows systems on October 2, 2018. Microsoft was forced to roll back the version just after a critical bug was reported by the users. The update was then slowly rolled out to some users on November 13, 2018. This time the system compatibility was thoroughly tested by Microsoft to avoid similar kind of bugs.



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