Microsoft launches Windows 10 v1809 force update campaign

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Windows 10 1809 is approaching its end of service date in spring 2020. Therefore, the big M has started to upgrade users from 1809, which is the build version for the Windows 10 October 2018 Update, to the most recent 1909 version. It is the second time Microsoft has initiated automatic updates for users with Windows versions approaching end of service.

Microsoft announced earlier this year that it would no longer automatically update users to the latest build version for every Windows 10 feature update. Instead, the big M now gives users an option to decide whether they want to update their build versions to the latest one. However, Microsoft confirmed that it would still automatically update users with Windows 10 versions reaching end of support date. The big M’s Corporate Vice President for Windows stated:

We will provide notification that an update is available and recommended based on our data, but it will be largely up to the user to initiate when the update occurs. When Windows 10 devices are at, or will soon reach, end of service, Windows update will continue to automatically initiate a feature update; keeping machines supported and receiving monthly updates is critical to device security and ecosystem health.

Thus, Microsoft is now rolling out 1909 updates for users with version 1809. However, the big M might be rolling out the mandatory automatic update a little sooner than anticipated. Windows 10 1809’s end of service date is not until May 12, 2020. That build version is certainly not at, or especially close to, the end of service date for it.

Some users will no doubt remember the Windows 10 October 2018 Update fiasco. That update was riddled with bugs, and some users even lost files after upgrading to 1809. Consequently, Microsoft had to temporarily halt the update and rerelease it in November 2018. Now the big M is putting Windows 10 1809 firmly behind it as it shifts remaining users from that version to 1909.

So, users with Windows 10 1809 can expect automatic updates shortly. That will take users up to the latest 1909 version. The latest version does not include many new things, but it will also incorporate features from May 2019’s 1903 build version.


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