Microsoft pulled Windows 10 v1809 from VLSC again

by Milan Stanojevic
Milan Stanojevic
Milan Stanojevic
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Microsoft has faced a lot of criticism lately because of its buggy updates. The Redmond giant was forced to rollback the latest Windows update quite a few times — often on Intel devices.

As a matter of fact, many Reddit users shared the news that Microsoft pulled Windows 10 1809 from VLSC. Users are no longer able to access the update and they can only see the Windows 10  v1709/1803 versions in the Windows update catalog. 

Windows 10 has a history of releasing updates with a bunch of issues and that is the reason most of the people are now avoiding installing the new updates. Here’s what one user said:

Deciding to stick with 1803 for a while even before 1809 was ever released is probably one of the best random IT decisions I’ve ever made! Just got tired of managing the constant high-risk updates. 

Most of the users have updated their systems to the latest version just after it was released. They didn’t find any major issues in the update.

On the other hand, many users are concerned about the quality of the updates so they decided to stay one version behind the latest release.

They are even happy to wait for a few months to avoid any potential risks associated with the update. They have used the deferred update feature to add postpone the upgrade by three months.

It is still unclear why Microsoft was forced to make the rollback decision. The possible reason behind the rollback is Microsoft might be updating the ISO with latest SSU and CU. As a matter of fact, the company regularly updates the ISO files. So, the update might come back after a few days. 

Quite a few issues were reported in the update. Quite frankly, this could be a possible reason behind this decision.

Users reported that Dell machines had an issue with the Intel drivers. Enterprises had a big issue with Webroot actually blocking the installs.

Microsoft is currently focusing on the issues rather than adding new feature updates. Let’s wait and see if Microsoft decides to bring back the OS files in VLSC after fixing the bugs.


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